What we mean by Greater Variety

Things that we would like to see in the school lunch

  1. Real Tacos w/ real cheese
  2. White Rice
  3. Cheese Fries
  4. Chicken Salad
  5. Fresh vegetables/Salad bar
  6. Veggie Burgers
  7. Ravioli
  8. Garlic bread
  9. Chicken Noodle Soup w/ Vegetables
  10. Enchiladas
  11. Noodles
  12. Spaghetti
  13. Chicken tenders
  14. Mashed potatoes w/ gravy
  15. Pudding
  16. Jello
  17. Better variety of fresh fruits
  18. Desserts(yogurt,ice cream,Brownies)
  19. Hot beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, etc)
  20. Vitamin water
  21. Watermelon
  22. Mangos
  23. Chinese food
  24. Shrimp pasta
  25. Iced tea/sweet
  26. Lemonade
  27. Orange juice
  28. Apple juice
  29. Corndogs

One thought on “What we mean by Greater Variety

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