Send Us Pictures !

How would you rate your kids lunch? Do you want a change ? Send pictures of your kids or your own school lunch and encourage them to be part of this change.

Students at Roosevelt High School are taking their own hands to improve this horrible lunch problem. Pictures only from this school alone arent enough for a change, in order to show Aramark that this is not just this school’s problem is citywide in order to prove this we need students to take pictures of their lunch and send them to us so that we can post them on our website and let them know is not only our school that has a really bad lunch. If we all get in this together we might be able to make this change happen, we’ve boycotted December 3rd, 4th, and 7th to call Aramark’s attention to let them know about this issue now is your turn to help us because is not only our issues is all of us CPS students who are tired of getting this kind of food.


Willis T., Cathertine G., Denis T., Anthony D., Lali L., Samantha W., and Vanessa R.


One thought on “Send Us Pictures !

  1. I want to commend you students for fighting for your right for nutritious food. Are you aware that low quality nutrition has a negative impact on your brain? That our gut health (our microbiome) directly affects our brain health? This is the newest research out there and might be a good strategy for you to use to support your position. Never stop fighting! This is a very important issue not just for you, but for the planet. Giant agribusinesses poor farming practices are impacting our climate and we are losing the nutrients in the soil as they are poisoning our food with chemicals, not to mention the loss of our top soil. Find a way to make your effort one that other students join across the country. There is power in numbers and your cause is important. How can they expect you to improve your position in life without proper nutrition? Never give up! Your future is in your hands and you ALL are important!


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