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Aramark won the Chicago Public Schools lunch contract in 2013 amid accusations that CPS school food chief Leslie Fowler favored the company, which is her former employer. The CPS inspector general report described a case, matching hers, that says the administrator engaged in “questionable conduct” during that contract bidding process”.   Source: Inspector General finds questionable conduct in CPS  Photo Credit: Jasmine Castillo

Cafeteria lunches at school are made by the same company as prison food and that is a problem.  Our lunches are nasty!  They tell us not to waste food, but it tastes gross.  Other schools have off-campus lunch and we at Roosevelt are stuck eating the cafeteria lunch.  By increasing the quality of food or changing the menu options kids will eat it up instead of throwing it away.

We deserve changes in school lunch because all CPS students should be treated equally.  It isn’t fair that other schools have more options or the privilege of going out to eat and we don’t.  Adults should be able to trust that if students go out to eat for lunch, we will come back on time for class.  How else will they know that we are responsible if they don’t take a chance?

It isn’t fair that plenty of other schools get food that’s much better than the food we get at Roosevelt.  Everyone wants to be in a school that has tasty, popular food items and more lunch options.  Put yourself in our shoes.  You are already studying really hard and when you finally get to lunch you get a really small portion of terrible food.  After that you must continue to go to the rest of your classes with low energy, because either it is too unappetizing or the portion is too small.  Other schools in the area serve higher quality lunches and we deserve nothing less than what the best schools get.  Even the Healthy Schools Campaign, sponsored by Aramark,  admits:

“This much is clear: Students do want healthy, great-tasting food at school, and they deserve nothing less.”


Finally, we deserve a better lunch because we are a school on the rise.  We improved our ACT scores and our attendance rates.  If students don’t get a reward for what they do then they are just going to stop doing it.  That is why we deserve a better lunch.


Photo Credit: Nancy Martinez

This proposal outlines our ideas for change in our school for better, fresher, healthier meals.  We also want more options other schools have such as vending machines and selling food in the central kiosk in the lunchroom.  Finally, we deserve more freedom such as the ability for some students to have off campus lunch or the ability to order food and have it delivered to the cafeteria.


6 thoughts on “Our Position

  1. I attended RHS in the early 70’s. We had lunches prepared on site. Now by today’s standards not the most nutritional but real food prepared right there. I for the life of me do not see how outsourcing is the answer, especially to the company of choice. Keep fighting, keep letting the populous know what is happening. That is the ONLY way to accomplish change. GOOD LUCK, on this and your future endeavors.


  2. Keep up the good work! It’s a shame you have this yucky food, but I commend you for tackling this issue head on & creating this blog.


  3. Anything you could have delivered to school or sold from a vending machine would be pure junk food, and highly unlikely to provide the necessary nutrients you say are required for you to concentrate in your classes. That’s never going to happen. In fact, delivered foods, chips, soda, Kool-Aid, pizza and whatnot would be the exact opposite of what you say you want in a school lunch. However, I do believe that you should have a variety of foods that are nutritious and not spoiled. Maybe try to separate your complaints into 2 categories (We want junk food vs we want nutritious food) and talk to administration solely about the nutrition aspect, and you could get somewhere. But no administration is going to give in to serving Kool-Aid or allowing fast food delivery.


  4. Keep up the boycott until you achieve food freedom – not just one day. You should boycott everyday by bringing your own food and refusing to eat what they serve. It is wrong for the government to tell you what to eat anyway. As a free people, you should be free to choose. Money talks. If no one eats the crap they serve, they will listen. But it will take time and persistence on your part. Do not quit until your freedom is restored.


  5. You go guys! I am so proud to learn about what you have already done. Awareness is rarely accompanied by action, but you have accomplished it!


  6. It Has Taken Far too long for this to actually Be Talked about, Its Been this Terrible for Years!
    All of you are Absolutely Correct; We need Reform in the CPS lunch System.


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