What we mean by Quality Food.

By quality we mean is that the food has no taste, texture is dry, biscuits are very dry and impossible to chew. The ingredients taste cheap.  The fruits and vegetables they serve us they’re not very fresh and some are rotten, for example the tomatoes taste sour and the packaged apple slices taste bitter and dry. Quality of school food should be nutritious, and fresh but instead we get prepackaged and processed food everyday. The only raw meat cooked at school is chicken drumsticks.  CPS is in a contract with Aramark but that doesn’t mean we deserve this type of food, us as students need healthy and fresh food in order to last the whole day with energy because some of us have after school activities to participate in.


3 thoughts on “What we mean by Quality Food.

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  2. Heard about your project on NPR this morning here in North Carolina. I shouted out YESS!!! when I heard it! Great work folks! I am super excited by your leadership. Its definitely time for young people to speak out about the poor quality food that you are being given to eat by adults. Inspiring and transformational work! Thank you on behalf of a parent who lives far away.


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