Food Fight!

logo“At Anthony Marano, we only associate ourselves with the best. We employ an outstanding team of specialists to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations…our matchless product quality and selection, set us apart from our competitors.”

From:  Accessed: 12/4/15

Today, Aramark sneakily tried to disrupt our boycott by sending in the freshest, premium lunch produce to lure the students to eat.


Anthony Marano Produce truck pulling away from the cafeteria on Friday, 12/4/15.  Photo Credit: Mr. Meegan

Although we really appreciate the efforts, it will not work. We know that they are just trying to make themselves look good during the time of the boycott. Then they will go back to serving us the same old, depressing food.  By Luz Martinez


Marano’s produce in our lunch line today.  Photo Credit: Noemi Alanis



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