Boycott Update


What is THAT?  

vein_forkPhoto Credit: Alondra Ramirez

These are a few responses we received from Roosevelt students on our lunch survey:

“The reason why I’m going to participate in the boycott is the simple fact that I’ve eaten raw uncooked food”

“We’re here for 8 hours a day, yet a lot of kids do not go to lunch because it’s just a waste of time because we’re still hungry at the end.”

Another student also said, “Don’t let money waiver your decision. Yes change can be a bit expensive but if you must see the investment potential, just think of the effect better food can have on student attendance and overall mood. A happy stomach is a happy student.  Make this school better please.  Any motivation is more than we had before.  The silliest and simplest things can make the biggest impact.””

If you do not like the school lunch , think its unhealthy , or feel like your portions are not enough then we highly encourage EVERY student of Roosevelt to participate in the school-wide boycott Monday. Together we CAN make a change!

Freshman and sophomores are boycotting today December 4th. Freshmen didn’t get the message but almost 100% of Sophomores participated. Yesterday’s Boycott was a success!  Almost 100% of Juniors, and many seniors boycotted the lunch.  For Monday’s school-wide boycott we will have donated snacks!

Aramark observers are monitoring our cafeteria.  It’s funny how the presentation and freshness of our food has  improved since we started the boycott.  Take a look at today’s school lunch line:

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Photo Credit: Noemi Alanis

Post by: Ty Valencia and Catherine Garcia


One thought on “Boycott Update

  1. Congratulations students of Roosevelt! It is so great to see young people organizing to make a difference, not just for your daily life but for the generations to come. The United States public school food has been an issue for years and it is not getting the attention it needs. I appreciate what you are all doing and I hope you get the results you deserve. I hope that when my son, now 18 months old, will benefit from better school lunches thanks to the hard work you have done. Keep it up!

    Laura Casset, PE
    Austin, Texas

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