Juniors Boycott School Lunch


Art: CJ McNeil

Today December 3 was the first day of boycott! Students skipped lunch for a good cause. Day one  at RHS today was the first day that students bought their own lunch. Almost 100% of the the juniors brought their lunches from home.They supported the boycott and the seniors also supported the boycott but not as much as juniors. All juniors either brought their lunch from home or they didn’t eat at all to support the boycott. It was a huge success for the goals we are trying to achieve to make our lunch better and healthier. We still have more days of boycotting we are hoping more will participate than today.

The students used social media to spread the word about the boycott. We can’t wait for more students to participate tomorrow. We know we will have more participating! We are hoping that we can get better quality food, because we deserve it. -Jinil Patel and Ana Mendoza


One thought on “Juniors Boycott School Lunch

  1. I’ve seen enough of these pictures from different schools to know that they’re real, but what they show is so bad they look faked. The natural reaction upon receiving one of these meals would be to laugh loudly, hand it back, and the ask for the real thing. I can imagine a dog sniffing at some of these plates and then looking up and giving a forlorn whimper.

    But I know these are the real lunches.

    I remember the school lunches from my time in the early 1970’s. I wasn’t really excited by the food. It was the sort of bland stuff that adults thought you should eat because it was good for you. However irritating it was, you were sort of subliminally aware that the adults cared about you and were trying to take care of you.

    This is something completely different. This junk screams “I don’t care about you”. It’s hard for me to understand that you actually have to take this kind of action. I admire your spirit, intelligence and organization. You all are much more cheerful and positive than I would have been about this nonsense.

    Good luck with your boycott.


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