Deception at CPS


Copy of CPS Inspector General’s Report re: (CPS administrator) Leslie Fowler’s relationship with Aramark (Company A) during the RFP process


Leslie Fowler ( head of cps nutrition services ) said that,” I would ask that (students) hold off on any activity that would potentially impact the staffing positions at the school until we can meet to find resolution for the student’s concerns.  CPS food service staff are paid based on meals served.  If no meals are served they are impacted. This also impacts their pay on an annual basis as their pay scale is based on total number of meals served.”

Wait a second are you saying that our lunch staff will be impacted for boycotting school lunch?

Here’s a quote from Louise Babbs, a lunchroom attendant at Corkery Elementary School and union organizer with UNITE HERE Local 1:

“CPS lunch ladies are paid by the hour, and our members will faithfully report to work regardless because the kids come first. We’ve been fighting for good fresh food for years, and we support any efforts on the part of students to do the same.”

We wonder why would the head of CPS nutrition Leslie Fowler mislead us about our lunch staff being paid by the number of meals served. Is it because they’re afraid that we know the truth that our lunch staff will not be affected by our boycott but the Aramark’s profit will be affected?

-Jose Santana, 7th period


Lunch line at a school in Iguala,Guerrero, Mexico.  This here is the food that  students get to eat. It is being made right in front of them and it is all fresh. Here you can see a variety of things being made and if you look closely there is a variety of sauces that they can choose from.  Photo Credit: Amy Casales


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