The Lunch Boycott is On!



Would you pay for this at a grocery store?  Why serve it to students?  Photo Credit: Itzel Perez

Students will boycott Aramark school lunch at RHS from Thursday, Dec 3rd through Monday, December 7th.

On Wednesday students will learn about the School Lunch Project in advisory.  Thursday Juniors and Seniors will boycott Aramark lunch and bring food from home.  Friday Freshmen and Sophomores will do it.  On Monday, December 7th, The whole school will boycott Aramark lunch and bring a bag lunch from home.

The purpose of the boycott is to get Aramark to improve the food it serves students.  For every lunch they do not serve, they do not get paid.  This will put pressure on them to improve the food quality, options, and portions.  Support a boycott of school lunch at your school on December 7th!

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9 thoughts on “The Lunch Boycott is On!

  1. Please be mindful of students who may not be able to bring food from home. Perhaps designate some students to bring extra lunches for those that could not bring food from home. This will allow those who can’t bring food to participate as well.


  2. Keep up the good work!!!! As an ex-school board member in Dist 204, I understand your discontent. We experienced decreased student participation, deficit spending, as well as student complaints on the quality of lunches being served here in Aurora/Naperville. While the board did change food service vendors, I don’t know how much it is improved (doubt very little) as a large part of the problem is a school district’s participation in the National School Lunch Program. The food service companies are hand tied by the program’s terms, supply and conditions; so if the product received from the federal government is substandard, in surplus, and certain criteria must be met on the “plate” per its guidelines, the food service vendors have little room to improve given the program’s dictated terms. We can’t remove all the blame from the vendors but in my opinion the NSLP is a big contributor to the problem IF the district is a participant. If not, that’s an entirely different issue. P.S. Do me one favor…. ask your school board and administrators to come to the cafeteria for lunch on a day the provider is unaware or start with asking an administrator or teacher if the eat the school lunch. My guess is they don’t (our staff here wasn’t at the time this was on the board’s radar).


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